Restore And Repair

This world was created for relationships.  First there was God, who existed before time.  Christians would say and have you believe that is an absolute truth, which it is. Then God became lonely so after He created everything and saw that it was good, He created man.  Then He saw that man should have a partner rather be alone.  So there you have the first relationship – God and man.  Then there is the second relationship – man and woman.  Then there is a third relationship which usually is not referenced but that of the serpent (Satan) and woman.  

So there you have it! That is how it all started.  The first “foursome” so to speak but that was the first dynamic.  That was never God’s intention or part of the plan but that is how  we got to this point.  God is a god of relationships.  Later we learn about another relationship.  The Trinity.  God the Father; Jesus Christ His only Son; The  Holy Spirit.  A powerful dynamic.

God is the only One who can restore relationships and repair lives.  We need people in our lives that are there for us that we can depend on and will hold us accountable to change.  We need “mighty men” of God in our lives who will support us, worship with us and hold us up so that we can continue on our journey with God to Paradise.  We are instructed to be leaders, leaders that God puts in place.  Some are looked up to as role models.  Then when they sin or do not extend their forgiveness to someone then they are no longer “leaders of the pack”.  They lose their following and are disgraced.  

How powerful is forgiveness and undeserved grace?  Well, forgiveness restores what sin has taken away.  God is the mastermind of all things – even reconciliation and restoration.  We are all guilty of sin but the blood of a spotless lamb was shed on the cross for our salvation.  For that reason alone worshipping and praising God are vital to the life of a Christian.  Worship and praise restore our faith in God.  For example, David is a man after God’s own heart.  Situations do not cause us to sin – we do!  We make the decision.

Finally, repentance restores our relationship with God.


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