Today is my Day!  Today is the day I put aside all that worried or upset me yesterday. 

Today is the day I say no to any thought, any feeling or any remembrance of past hurt or disappointment.  Today is the day I say yes to life.  (Anon)

and more thoughts

Good communication within a relationship is like a stream that flows gently and peacefully through a garden.

God’s timing is almost never the same thing as our timing, but His timing always proves to be perfect.  Trust Him while you wait.

The greatest mistake we Christians make in our relationships:  We listen half, understand a quarter, think zero and react double.(Anita Shan)

If every couple (Christian or secular) quit when the marriage got difficult, 100% of married couples would be divorced.  Challenges in your marriage are an opportunity to work together; not an excuse to give up on each other.  (Dave Willis)

The gospel gets proclaimed when we let people know or see that we do not have it altogether.  (Derek Webster)



A thought?

This is coming out of left field but here it goes.  Since I am part of the customer service/sales industry, I want to throw this out there.

Customer service is the life blood of any organization.  Everything flows from it and is nourished by it.  Customer service is not a department, it is an attitude.  Now, you can also look at it this way.  Fanatical customer service is not a single act.  Rather it is a habit that is practiced every moment of the day.

The “True Shepherd”

Who is the good shepherd?  What is a good shepherd?  In the gospel of John, Jesus says that He good shepherd who will lay down His life for the life of His sheep.  Jesus then authenticates his position by saying that He is the “true shepherd”.  He says “I know my sheep and my sheep know me.  The sheep know my voice”.  The false shepherd would disguise themselves to get through the gate or some other way to be in the pen with the fold.

The chief objective of the false shepherd was to kill or destroy.  When trouble came, since his concern was for himself, he would run and leave the fold behind.  The good shepherd was able to keep his sheep together and protect them from danger.  If sheep got injured he would care for them.  At night, the shepherd would lay down in front of the door on the inside of the pen so that no one could get in or get out.  He would do all that he could to care for his sheep. Let it be known, only God is able to follow through completely with EVERY promise He tells us.

The bible gives us insight into the curing of the world and society of the sickness of sin.  God reconciles ALL people back to Him and to each other.  God’s sheep RECEIVE Jesus as the “God-man” as the sheep REFLECT Jesus’ claim to deity.

The true shepherd is calling – are you listening?