I Am Important

All people have a longing for two things – comfort and relevancy.  God gave David fame(relevancy) and security(comfort).  On the otherhand, Saul sought both elements of this equation but he went about it wrong.  He thought he was relevant as the king of Israel and he longed for comfort.  In his search and inability to find what he wanted, instead of going to the Lord he became angry.  The anger increased over time to the point of wanting to kill David and looking to others.  His kingship was ripped from him and given to someone else.

It is said that it takes only seven seconds to make a first impression.  When you focus on what God has given you and His provision, on His blessings and your knowledge of Him, what impression are you leaving with  the One who matters? Look at David;  he turned to God for direction and what He should do.  His first thought was to consult with God.  Saul, on the otherhand, did not focus on the gifts God had given him.  Rather, it went to what he needed to do to keep the kingdom. He feared the fame and recognition that David was getting from the people. David had praised God and asked for His help in killing Goliath.  Fear gripped Saul’s heart and thoughts only to turn him to anger and isolation.  God opposes the proud and gives grace to the humble.

“Talent is God given, be humble    Fame is man given, be greatful    Conceit is self-given, be careful.” (John R. Wooden – former coach of UCLA)

The consequence of fear is hate.  It is the expectation that something is out there that will stop you and overcome you and is better then you giving one doubt.  Fear will destroy normal brain activity.  How do you cast out fear?  Truth!  Truith will refocus the mind and heart.  Only God’s truth and love will cast out fear.  God wants us to surrender our lives to Him.


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