A Plea for help!

Teach me to pray, O God! Teach me to pray Your heart, Your will, Your Word. Forgive me, Lord, for I am often self-focused in Your presence and give in to the worries of this life and miss the blessing of praying Your heart for your Church and the world around me.  Empower me by your Spirit to intercede for others and Your work around the world.  May I become one that You call on, even in the watches of the night, to “build up the wall” and stand in the gap on behalf of others and may I respond when You call.  May the burden and intensity of the needs of a lost world, my brothers and sisters in Christ, and my community of faith so overtake me, that I cannot keep silent day or night before You.  Make me to be a watchman for Your Kingdom.
                                                                                          From “Pray the Word” by Tiece King

Walking in Prayer

There are four important aspects to keep in mind when going on a prayer walk. Focus, movin’, favorite, insight.  Keep them in mind when walking and praying to Him.  

1.)  Focus on God’s Purpose.  Focusing on His purpose is praying for God to fulfill what He has already begun.  Since God’s work is always a story – His Story – our best praying will be part of an ongoing story.  Instead of using prayer as a quick fix procedure that will supposedly get results if performed correctly, prayer becomes a way of collaborating with God.

2.)  God is already on the move.  We’re not pushing to get God started!  He is already doing good things but He has promised to do even better things, both great and small.  Instead of holding off the worst, our praying is a way of asking God to bring on the best.

3.)  God’s favorite way to be glorified.  God is the one who is orchestrating the united prayer of which we are a part.  He is the one stimulating us to pray as never before.  Why is He doing this?  He wants us to pray for all the things He is going to do, before they take place.  Now by doing so He can explicitly recieve thanks for doing them.  God is setting us up to give Him much more glory than if we had not prayed, or if we had only prayed privately about our personal concerns.  Answered prayer could be God’s favorite way of being glorified.

4.)  Pray On-site with Insight.  In hundreds of cities around the world God is helping Christians to pray as they pass through the streets of their communities.  We have come to use the word “prayer walk” to describe this kind of on-site intercession.  As you walk and pray, your prayers extend beyond your own concerns, focusing directly on the needs of others and opening yourself up to see them with God’s eyes and heart.

TIPS:  Pray with a partner, pray audibly for clarity and better agreement, pray with God’s Spirit, pray with God’s Word, pray focused and with purpose, pray quietly

The Aftershock

Here is a scenario.  Is it possible that it happened this way?  I want to pre-empt this and say no matter how it came about, I think this is very plausible.  I think it is fun to speculate and imagine.

I would say that after Jesus had risen from the dead and took His place at the right hand of His Father, the Trinity got together and tried to figure out what they were going to do with those sinners that decided to turn from their evil ways.  Those who turned and accepted Jesus Christ and asked Him to take up residence in their heart. The Trinity came to the conclusion that those who did that would be justified and would start down the road to sanctification, a process that would take a lifetime and more. During this stage of the process, they would be trying to become more like Jesus Christ.  They would be transformed with new bodies to made presentable before God, the Father.  

Paul’s teaching of this doctrine turned the world upside down or downside up and created an aftermath just like the aftershock following a earthquake.  The doctrine has made it easier to answer the famous question “why me Lord?”  Answer – “Because I LOVE you my child”.