The Hour Has Come

Worship(love for Jesus)is devoting one’s time and love to Jesus. This is a time that is unmeasured.  In other words there are no limits or barriers as to how much time is spent in prayer, praise, song  etc… with Jesus.  The only limits are those which we put on this time spent with Jesus.  I have found myself, at times, rushing my time in communion with my personal Lord and Saviour.  There should be no other single thing or act that is more important than spending time and being in the presence of the One who spoke creation into existence.  Being in the presence of the One who created us – us – the very quintessence of His love that He has for us and His masterpiece made in His image. Think about this – this is a power that is incomprehensible and awesome and yet His power is even greater then this.
Worship is not a single act but rather a way of life.  It is focused and is sacrificially  given to Jesus regardless of others.  However, when we give our devotion to someone or something other than Jesus, we open ourselves up to the influence of other weaker idols.  Worship done without being in the presence of God is nothing but idolatry.  This begs the question “who influences my worship?  the eternal Jesus Christ or something other?  Prayer is to worship as a bat is to a ball.  A Christians worship anticipates the enterance of Jesus into his life daily.  Augustine of Hippo said “God should be worshipped in faith, hope and love.  Furthermore, He should be reflected upon daily.  When I spend time with God, my heart is ready for the day”.
There is onething that even we as Christians get confused about.  When we are involved in our daily life and the circumstances around us we must be understanding the moment through the eyes of scripture and not understanding scripture through the eyes of the moment.  The greater our position, the greater our need to worship the one we came from to remain humble and to remember our identity as a child of God.   The great Charles Spurgeon once said, “If I am more concerned about the thoughts of men than what God has to say to me, then I have lost sight of God’s worth for me and where my identity comes from.”



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