Predict – Foresight

The note on the door said, “Due to unforseen circumstances the American Psychic Association will not be meeting tonight.”

Foresight.  Predict.  What do the two words have in common?  For starters, they both refer to the future.  In my mind, predict has to do with the fortelling of a future event, while foresight is a thoughtful regard for the future and making provisions for it.  In otherwords, prudently thinking ahead (like playing chess); having the forethought or the foresight to plan accordingly.  Having a premonition and acting or preparing appropriately.  There are ministries that are setup to peer into the future and make predictions for it.

True prophesy is a function of God’s character and sovereignty.  God gives people the words to say or inspires them with those words.  Just like God did for the Levites, God promises to the believers an inheritance.

Is there anything that the world can offer that will live forever?  The answer is unequivocally “no”.  Jn14:27″( Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you.  I do not give to you as the world gives.  Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.)”  A baby is born and a person dies,  A new product is developed and because of technology, a new and improved product makes the other obsolete. New medicines are created and the old ones are put to the side or taken out of the mainstream of life.  There is peace and then because of  cultural differences, lines of thought, the role of government, etc… war breaks out.  Then there is peace and then there is war and the cycle continues.  History proves all of this to be true.

We learn many things from history especially if we want to learn and continue to make forward progress.  History is like a shadow that is always behind and never gets ahead of us.  It is always following us around.  History is a fact and the future is not known.  We can only surmise what it will be.  History does not change but it can change us.  We can put it another way.  We cannot change history but history can change us.  

God understands history and the future.  He is part of history and He is in the future.  More importantly, God is here, now.  The many promises in the Bible are being fulfilled.  His promises are personal and for His purpose.  So how do God’s promises define our purpose?  The Living God is the only god that inserts Himself in time and purpose.  This allows Him to be omnipresent.  His promises are faithful and true.  They are irrevocable.  Furthermore, the Living God’s promises never fail.

So, if you want to know the future just look to God and talk to Him.  He will take you on a journey into the future.  A future with Him.


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