Obedience Costs

The cost of obedience can be very high.  The cost of disobedience can be even higher.  There are rewards for obedience and punishment for disobedience.  It is what we learn when we drown ourselves in the Bible, particularly the Old Testament.  

Abraham is one of the great examples of this virtue.  It is a spiritual discipline that must learned.  Obedience is not a talent or a skill or an art.  It must be learned.  We learn this in our journey with God, as a believer.  As a believer,  it is something that the Spirit teaches us along the way.  So we learn it over time. Obedience is part of the santification process.  This is a life long process in which we are shaped by God. God changes the heart and sanctifies us for His purpose and does a heart transformation in us.  Here is the question – do I recognize that God has changed my heart?  Do you recognize that God has changed your heart?

God santifies us for the sake of His name.  So why do I forget the awesome power and character of the One True Living God so easily?  This is an excellent question to end on but there is one more thing.

God’s santification is a call to obedience!  Am I to self-absorbed to hear it?  To obey is better then sacrifice.  


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