Status Quo

Standards – why do they exist?

They are put in place for the sole purpose of not getting complacent.  They are put in place so that we have something to shoot for and be productive.  What about going beyond the standard and reaching for more.  Above and beyond!

There are all kinds of standards.  Employee handbooks, KPI’s, what is expected of us on the job, etc…  What about God’s standards?  What are they and where do we find them?  The Ten Commandments, the Beattitudes and others.

The Bible.

God wants us to trust Him alone (EX: 32).  He wants us to remember what He has done for us and look forward to Him (Joshua: 24).  He accepts our requests for forgiveness all the time.  

Repentance requires change of heart mind and behavior.    He judges those who reject or repent equally.


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