Eternal Consequences

We will be delivered but there are consequences to our sin.  Those are indefinite and are exponential.  We must repent.  Repentance requires a broken heart and a change in behavior.  It shapes the eternal consequences.  It is the turning away from sin and turning toward God.  A casual attitude toward sin is deadly.  I do not turn my back to God but turn back to God.

Throughout the Bible, God never does condone the taking of more than one women to be a wife.  Look at some of the key characters.  Jacob had more than one wife. King David!  King Solomon!  Job!  Christians believe that the mandate and infrastructure of marriage was created in the Book of Genesis.  When God created man He thought it would not be good for man to be alone so he created a women. This they believe is how marriage is structured – one man, one woman.  To have more than one wife goes outside the intended dynamic and stretches its boundaries.  Such a relationship never works as displayed in the Bible or is it good. We, as Christians, consider this type of marriage a sin.

The sin we tolerate always grows and spreads.  To tolerate sin sets me up to commit more sin.  I always tend to despise the sins in others and then the sins that are in me, I tend to hide from others.  This is true for all of us.  Look at it this way – “if God took care of the big stuff then why sweat the small stuff.”  Owning my sin is the first step in repentance.  I must be aware of my sin and grieve over it first.  This starts the process of turning toward God.  I must have an acceptance of the consequences of sin – not protest them.  A repentant heart humbly accepts its consequences. Learn from David and Psalm 51.  

Repentance leads to worship and a right heart!


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