Some Good News!

There is a redeemer!
The "Book of Ruth" is a book of Love, Hope, Redemption, etc...  It is the book
that clears the way for the one true Kinsmen Redeemer.  Furthermore, it is a
book that lays out a central:  God's plan of redemption is based on unconditional

There are times in my life - and maybe yours - where I feel like I am walking on 
clouds and nothing can touch me.  Then there are times where you and I maybe 
crawling along on our belly trying to stay low so we are not getting hit by what
life is throwing at us and bombarding us with.  It is not what I am going through
or the circumstances that define me or you but how we respond, how we act and what
we say.  God allows hardship.  Who do I know that needs help but I have to give of
myself to do so?

When the focus is on 'self' and what do I get out of it, this creates a barrier
to seeing God's love for us and the needs of others. God, without hesitation,
provides reliefs.  Without second thought, are we willing to protect, love and accept
others, e.g. - the marginalized?  In His plan of redemption God always rewards faith-
ful commitment to Him.  The moment I trust in God, the privileges and blessings of
Israel become ours.  What is God's plan of redemption?  Creation!

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