Coffee with Jesus!

Would Jesus go out for coffee with you?
When’s the last time you sat down with a friend for a face-to-face chat over a cup of coffee (or tea or V8 or whatever)?  When’s the last time you spent time away from family outside your home to engage with a friend? I’m asking you and me both these questions.
When you last wanted to share something special with a close friend, how’d you do it? Did you call them, or text them, or email them, or write them a letter?
All our electronic gadgetry makes sending information to others convenient, quick and easy; but do we communicate? How much time do we spend talking directly to friends or neighbors so we see their lips move and they see ours?
Is what we’re doing communicating? Or by using electronic gadgets are we further isolating ourselves from others?
Do we rush out on Facebook to catch up with friends? Do we tweet our good news to others? Do we write a blog post?
I’m just as guilty as anyone else of hiding behind a computer or cell phone screen. Doesn’t using that technology eliminate or severely hinder real communication between us and other humans? Does it build intimacy, or closeness?
Would Jesus go for coffee with you, with me?
I think He would. As we read God’s word we understand something. Jesus was a people person. All His encounters were face-to-face conversations. Even with  large crowds. Jesus loved people. He loved being around people.  Even if Jesus had an email address or a Facebook page or a Twitter account, I don’t think He’d use them. Jesus thrived on personal relationships, on intimate conversations with His disciples and listeners.
In my view, when we rely on a tweet or an email, or Facebook post, or a blog post (Yes, I’m guilty) to communicate with others, we lose that personal intimacy that only one-on-one, face-to-face encounters develop.
A good friend of mine lives in our area. I’m going to  invite him to have coffee with me on Tuesday. We’re going to spend an hour or so just sharing information, catching up on family stuff, talking football and sharing what God is doing in our lives. Our time together will bless us and encourage us. We’ll both walk away from our time together having enriched our friendship and grown just a little closer to each other as brothers in Christ.
loading How about you?

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