Increasing Grace

We become followers of Jesus Christ when we accept Him into our life/heart.  His followers unite with Him in death and resurrection.  As followers, the only thing that keeps us from experiencing that union is sin.  Sin is like a grenade.  When a grenade explodes, the shrapnel goes out within a certain radius depending upon the amount of explosive used.  The shrapnel of my sin however, “a bouncing betty”, goes out not only to all those around me but can go out to and affect generations.  In other words, my acts of sin always carry destructive consequences.  In the word picture above, that shrapnel flies in all directions.  The most deadly “bouncing Betty” there is comes in the form of pornography.
The good news is that we have been set free from the slavery of sin.  We are set free by the blood of Jesus Christ which was shed on the cross for our salvation.  Said another way we NEED Jesus’ blood for our salvation.  We start the process of salvation when He is accepted and Baptism is a part of the Christian conversion.  It unites one to Christ.  Now, as believers, we are saved from God’s wrath and the shackles of sin.  Eternal life begins at the conversion of a sinner to a believer.  The biblical doctrine of salvation tells us that God is relational.  It tells us that our union with Christ is for all perpetuity.
Everyone was born under the mastery of sin.  The shrapnel of Eve and Adam’s sin has long lasting and far reaching consequences that have extended beyond generations and for many generations to come.   My Saviors death has ended my life in Adam and I am alive in God and am dead to sin.  Jesus, fully man and fully God, died for that reason.  Living to God gives my life purpose.  So, if you want to cheer up because the burden of sin has you down, just remember the one true Living God has given purpose to my life.  
As for increasing grace, there is no such thing.

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