A Changed Heart

We have all taken a survey or done assessment at one time or another.  A customer service survey or a performance assessment are the most prevalent in the world today.  Everything is built around customer service and we are asked to assess the service that we received.  There is real value in customer service because every business has something to sell and without the customer the business would be unable to exist.  Business needs to retain that customer and have them keep coming back, so they use different tactics and strategies to do that but more important then any of that is the customer service experience.

There are all kinds of assessments out there; a health assessment, workout goals and assessment, teaching assessment, a relative values assessment and the list goes on.   What about a spiritual assessment?  Taking the time to exercise and evaluate where we are in our spiritual life.  Taking the time to see what I need to cut out of my life and what I need to make a regular part of my daily life.  If I think to highly or to little of myself then I am selfish.  I need to be more selfless and more other oriented.

You see, we do not save ourselves.  If we could there would be no need for God.  Nor are we saved by others.  We are saved by grace and that comes by way of faith and not by the mercy of others.  It is God’s grace that upholds truth and eliminates superiority.  There is no heirarchy in the Body of Christ.  As Christians and members of one body, we can get ‘uppity’ or turn up our noses at others and think that we are better then others.  As Christians and members of one body we are all valued the same by God through faith.  Even membership in a church can get askew.  Church membership does not make one a member of the body of Christ or the Church of Christ.

A healthy church body needs each member to be functioning with each other.  Lack of function or disfunction can cause disunity among the church body.  It is according to God’s grace that we have all been given different gifts.  We use these gifts to build the Body of Christ.  We use these gifts to build the Church.  We find that it is in serving that we edify others in the Body of Christ.  God has given spiritual gifts for each believer to use in the spreading of God’s Word.  These gifts must be consistent with spiritual doctrine.   Teaching this doctrine is the transmission of spiritual truthes.

We are humbly to use our gifts given to us by God, for God.  A changed heart is not silent.


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