The Unknown

We all are going to be judged sometime but God’s wrath is also going to be revealed sometime.  The mystery is we do not know when it is coming.  Nobody knows when it is coming.  God’s judgement is based on truth.  It is punitive and sent as a warning to sinners.  His wrath is inflicting and intended as punishment.  Even believers will be judged evaluating how we used our new found freedom to do God’s work.  We are God’s hands and feet.  How did we use them to bring the Good News to the masses.  

It is not the judgement of God that leads us to repentance; it is the kindness of God. We are not in a position to judge.  When we judge we are setting ourselves up as a higher authority, as God.   If it is change we seek by judging, that is the wrong way of going about it.  Some think they are doing good works.  It is not persistence in doing good works but persistence in prayer that brings about change.  Prayer puts us in Gods presence.  We begin to hear and understand God’s law.  It is not just hearing His law but obeying His law.  There is only one man that perfectly obeyed God’s law.  That man is Jesus Christ.  He is the only man to have accomplished that feat.  God did not favor Jesus Christ because He has no favorites.  He was sent to accomplish a mission and He did.

We all sin and will perish if we are apart from Jesus Christ.  It means that there is a true urgency about accepting and believing in Jesus Christ.  God wants us not to turn our backs to Him but to turn back to Him.  He wants our hearts to turn to Him. For it is only those with a new heart that are counted as righteous.  If our heart has not turned to Him, then what is stopping us?  It has eternal consequences!


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