Who sets the limit?

As the body of Christ, we need to edify and accept one another.  We need to let go and let God.  In other words, we need to stop putting limitations on people and putting stumbling blocks in their path.  We do this even though we may not know we are doing so.  Instead, build each other up and let go.  Do not hold each other back. Let God be God and do His thing and have His way with them.  Letting God do the work is the most effective way of allowing a person to grow.  Besides, God knows what He wants from each of us.  

Encouragement is a powerful tool when it comes to growth and development. Encouragement, is used right, leads to motivation and a desire to plow ahead. Imagine what that could do to the Body of Christ.  That is tremendous energy that can be used to strengthen and improve the Body.  Loving a person and allowing and them to use their skills is allowing them to grow.  Then, the converse is true as well. It is a sin to not let a person use their God-given skills and talents for the good of others.  This point was made a little more than ten years ago when my wife asked me to have surgery to correct a neurological disorder that I have had all my life. My first response was no.  The human body is a temple of God and to open it up and expose it to the outside world is to allow it to be infected by Satan.  That was my thought at the time.  The result of having the surgery is a blessing and I am glad I allowed the surgeon to use those skills.  What it comes down to is that we work and allow others to work to please our neighbor.

Encouragement is an agent of sanctification and an agent of grace.  When we become a Christian, we are young in faith and as maturation takes place through out our growth, others can see that growth in us.  Self pursuit in any given area presents a barrier to santification.  I have to ask myself ‘who do I live for other than God?  Do I live for myself?’  The Christian life centers on strengthening others.  This is moral unity.  Living for God and others!  It is a process – a life long process to become like Christ.  This is also known as santification.  It is our job to encourage one another in that life long process.  If we reject what God has in store for us we become less responsive to God’s call for us.  Rejecting someone that Christ accepts implies that we are superior to God and others.  This is something we do not even want to think about doing!  Romans 15:7


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