A Defenseless War

A theme that runs throughout Paul’s letters to the various churches is that all humanity has turned away from God.  Yet, when it comes to God’s power and wrath no man is exempt.  

God is eternal and will one day reign supreme.  So why does God tarry?  What is He holding out for?  Well, one reason could be that He is holding out for all humanity to turn back to Him.  The issue is family.  We are His family.  The problem is that one half of the family has chosen God and they want to be free from the shackles of sin while the other half has chosen sin.  Sin is like a jail cell and the door is wide open to come and go.  Some people like living in sin because it gives them what they want.  So they feel comfortable in it and do not want to leave that cell.  Well, one day that cell door is going to shut and lock, never to open again.  The people inside will be trapped and never get out.

Another reason could be control.  God is in control so we do not have to worry about it.  All we have to do is the only work He wants us to do – to keep believing in Him and believing in His son Jesus Christ and that He is who He says He is – the Son of God.  Everything else flows from that belief.  The desire to love God and everyone else; the desire to live godly lives as the Bible instructs us and to live the beatitudes and display behavior thaNot praises God,  The list could go on.  All we need to do is believe and nothing else.  That is it!

For God to send His Son to earth, He had to choose a place to send Him.  God’s choice makes the Jews privileged – “for you are a royal priesthood, a chosen nation, a people set apart”.  God has looked on the Jewish nation with favor.  They will be judged for their part in the death of Jesus but judgement does not cancel the divine.  God’s faithfullness is unalterable.  God is incapable of changing His promises.  God’s character and nature is love.  So what is the character of man?  It is any lack of conformity to the will of God.  What gets in “conformity’s” way? Sin.  All sin gets in the way of a relationship with God and with others.

I am personable to my own sin.  Inotherwords, I am accountable for my own sin and no one else.  There are three different answers or way to respond to sin.  We can either deny, blame, or realize(embrace)it.  If I do not make myself accountable for my own sin then I have no need for a savior.  Paul says the complete opposite.  “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”  This is not what society wants to hear.  They do not want to hear that they are sinners.  There is a universal message here.  If we are left to our own sin then we are not seekers of God.  

No one lives up to their own moral code.  When it comes down to it, when I am standing before God I am defenseless.  For God knows all and sees all.  That is why I need a Savior.  I do have one piece of defense when I am standing before the throne and that defense is Jesus Christ











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