You can’t handle the truth!

Here is a buck naked truth:  “He who receives the righteousness of God avoids the wrath of God”.  For the sake of this paper there are two dimensions of time.  The temporal(the here and now)and the future end times.

God must judge all sin!  Everyone is without excuse.  We are all sinners,”Sinners in the hands of an angry God”.  Through out creation, we can clearly see the effects of God’s divine nature and yet we take that nature for granted.  Suppressing the truth leads to anything and everything else goes.  Without truth everything is permissible and sin has no boundaries.  If sin were to invade every aspect of our lives then life would seem to be pointless.  Pointless is a lack of purpose and a lack of purpose is sin.  Pointlessness offers no hope of a future.  There is nothing to stop sin and put it in its place.  Replace truth with sin and anything goes.  This leads to idolatry

What am I neglecting to thank God for?  Thanking God starts to unveil our desire for God’s truth in our life.  What we are experiencing now in this life is temporal and not eternal punishment.  A lie that exists and lived out by some it that real fulfillment comes from self and not from God who is unseen.  Spiritual idolatry is an offense against God that is just as bad, if not worse, as an aldultrous woman against her husband.  Rejecting God opens the door to utter depravity.  So ask yourself this question – ‘From what utter disgrace and embarassment has God’s grace saved me?’  For me the answer is from living a life that I based on a lie.






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