Setting the Standard

“He has set eternity in the human heart”.(Joe Stowell)

Standards.  Who sets them?  Who decides?  God does!  This is His world because He created the universe.  

Romans has a very interesting but humble start with Paul as he begins this book with his introduction of who he is and God’s purpose for him.  Romans 1:1-17 states this clearly – “This letter is from Paul, a slave of Christ Jesus, chosen by God…..It is through faith that a righteous person has life.”  He introduces himself as a bond servant, a slave, being set aside for God’s purposes.   Paul explains Jesus’ human nature and divine nature; fully man and fully God.   He stresses that what God wants is for men to have a relationship with the one true Living God and that His plan of redemption is for all mankind.

The good news of God’s redemptive plan was revealed centuries before Christ.  We must be intentional about turning away from a life of sin and giving our hearts to God.  At that point, the Holy Spirit imparts spiritual gifts on us thus creating a heart transformation.  In that new life there will be times along the way when a person needs encouragement.  The question is where do you go for that encouragement? Most go to family, friends and parents.  Where a person needs to go is to the church, other men and the pastor.  

A heart that is changed by God’s righteousness is a transformed heart.  When Paul greets his audience, whatever town he may be in, it is not his purpose and desire to spread the Good News to let his message bring about a change or effect a change in the hearts of his listeners.  No, that is God’s purpose and desire!  God has set Paul up and given him everything he needs to accomplish this mission.  God has made Paul dependent on Him through the workings of the Holy Spirit.  Paul understood this and realized he had the most valuable form of currency in life.  A moral compass.  A compass that would lead and direct him.  A compass that would direct him to that which is right and keep him away from that which is wrong.  A compass that would keep him safe from the clutches of evil.  This moral compass leads directly to God.  Again, God sets the standard.

The efficacy of the Gospels is far greater than salvation alone.  The righteousness required for the aquittal of a sinner is not the righteousness of the sinner but of God.  It is intrinsic in each of the three persons of the Trinity.   God imputes His Son’s righteousness into the heart of a believer.  Self righteousness only works to seperate me from God.  The Gospel reveals God’s righteousness which is given to us by God.  Faith is not a blinding thing, for faith believes facts of which it is sure. Faith begins with knowledge.  It is not a speculative thing.  It is not an impractical dreamy thing, for faith trusts and stakes its destiny upon that of revelation.  Faith is the eye that looks, the hand that grasps and the mouth that proclaims.








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