A Convention

The success of the Church speaks to the spiritual strength of the Body of Christ which would be those who are in Christ.  The Church-the Bride of Christ-reveals God’s love of His people and puts that love into a proper perspective.  The power of God’s love is stronger all the members that make up the Body of the Church.  Among the members of the Body of Christ there is a need for community.  We need to embrace the doctrine of the church.  Romans 16 is all about relationships and building those relationships.  The church and its people are by far more important than an institution.  It is about relationship and socialization.

The Body of Christ is charcterized by godly, intimate relationships which come together in small groups.  Small groups are a building block to the body of Christ as this is where the work of the church takes place.  People get together and share their story of redemption and how God brought them to this point, this point of sharing their beliefs about God and encouraging others along the way.

The Body of Christ functions best by serving and encouraging one another.  The Body of Christ is characterized by love and sharing.  “And they’ll know we are Christians by our love, by our love.  Yes, they’ll know we are Christians by our love.”  The work of the Church is all done for the glorification and manifestation of God’s name here on earth.  God brings glory to Himself forever through the gospel of Jesus Christ.  

The whole story of God and Jesus Christ are written down in the Bible.  Here you will find real answers to lifes questions.  The Bible is more than a resource that everyone should have, it is a guide and a road map.


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