Christian Faith – is it or is it not?

I say not!  I have always stayed away from calling it a faith.  I believe that most Christians would agree with me when I say that Christianity is a journey.  It is a journey of insurmountable proportions.  Thee ups and downs or peaks and valleys that are experienced along the way – you have to be teachable and vulnerable to learn from them.  As the saying goes, “a journey of 1,000 miles begins with the first step”.  Every journey has a beginning and an end.  For the Christian, it is to cross the finish line and be more like Christ.  To live in a new home called ‘Heaven’.  To live in a new home with Jesus Christ and all the saints who have crossed that finish line.  In a new earth and a new heaven.

Both Paul and Peter say “faith in what is seen offers no hope at all”.  Rather, faith in what is unseen offers a hope that has eternal consequences.  Phil Yancy says “faith in what is unseen offers much more of a challenge than what is seen.”  This type of hope not only allows one to grow, learn and come away with a new perspective but it also allows one to doubt.  Now after one does some R & D, that doubt has become a belief that has expanded their horizens.  The otherside of that coin is that we are independent minded people but God wants humbleness of heart from  all mankind which He created.

Christianity is not a faith in its purest sense because there is something much much more to it.  This is something that is put into action.  Timothy says in his second letter “a faith without action is no faith at all”.  So, Christianity might be a belief but it is something much much more.  It is a journey with endless opportunities.

So who would like to embark on a journey with me!


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