A teacher met four men the other day at a local deli, a father and his three sons and had a very ‘eye opening’ conversation.  The father introduced himself as Over and his three sons as Hind, In, and Fore.  His sons were married and all had children.  He said that when he was raising his sons there were things he did not plan on or plan for and did not figure them into the whole role of being a father.  Over said that he did not even consider he would be an integral part of the lives of his boys and that now he had become intrinsically interwoven into the very fabric of their lives.  Hind said that as he looked back there were things that he regretted doing and wished he had the opportunity to go back and make things right.  Fore said that he was looking forward to what lay ahead because he made some changes in the outlook of his role as a father.  In said that looking back at where he had been, at where and who he was now and was thinking about the type of legacy he wanted to leave his sons. He said he was prepared to be a father and that he knew there may be things that come up which would catch him off guard.  Then the teacher asked the father, “I did not hear your last name, what is it?”  Then the father said “I am sorry!  Sight.  I am Over Sight, this is Hind Sight, this is Fore Sight and this is In Sight.”

Joseph DeBoo


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