The first Thursday in May.  NATIONAL PRAYER DAY!  It is good to see diverse groups of people get together and focus on the needs of this world – of which there are many – with everything that is going on and writing a new chapter in the book called “Life in The World Today”.  For me personally I think the two greatest moments that happened are – North Korea and South Korea meet and shake hands as they come together for the first time in I am not sure when but for many people it has been long since coming.  The leaders got together and shook hands as their ideologies are different but they came to agreement on many things.  That unified front has been in the making for many, many years and it finally happened.
At the other end of the spectrum, you have the pope.  He pretends to be the head of the Roman Catholic Church but does a horrible job at keeping Catholicism unified.  Since the beginning of the Church which is after the Ascension of Christ, Christians have long believed in the existence of Heaven and Hell.  In March of 2018, Pope Francis said that hell does not exist.  He said “people who do not repent of their sins and do not ask for forgiveness or believe that God does not exist do not go to Hell but rather just disappear.”  This statement falls directly in line with the Jehovah witnesses who say that there is no hell.  If there is no hell then there are no consequences for any immoral act done.  It would mean that sin does not exist and that there is no Satan.  It is a place that Jesus Christ talked about more then any on in the Bible.   Jesus also refers to hell as ‘Hades’.  That means it is imperative that we understand the importance of why hell exists.  In otherwords, hell is a reality.
The name”National Day of Prayer” is a misnomer because it might lead one to believe that prayer is not essential when it comes to belief in a relationship, specifically with God when in reality prayer is a two way conversation with God.  Prayer is to the Church as a bat is to a ball.  Prayer is a lifestyle, not just a one time act.  Prayer is the strongest weapon there is when engaged in spiritual warfare.  It is stronger than any manmade weapon.  It is a tool that should be said everyday and is most effective in conversation with God.  The point is that the National of Prayer does not mean one can store up all their prayers and say them on this day.  Rather it is a day that stresses the importance of a relationship with God.





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