‘Peace’ in Storms

What one concept can be both relaxing and unnerving at the same time? What abstract thought has no and shows no concrete results that are long lasting? Answer 

PEACE. Yes, peace. World peace is a hot topic of conversation. Even the contestants in the Miss America Pageant, when asked the question, always put forth their

ideas of how they would bring about world peace.

There is one way of obtaining peace and that is the Holy Spirit. Accepting God’s gift of the Holy Spirit is the only source of peace. John 14:27 says “Peace I leave

with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give it to you. Do not let your hearts be troubled or afraid”. The book of John, chapters 14 thru 16,

contains more theology of the Holy Spirit then any other book of the Bible. The world cannot give the peace that God has to offer because the world does not know

God. It is God’s to give and not the world’s. Jesus comforts us by letting us know that He will not leave us orphans but He will come to us. He will send someone

to stand in for Him and reaffirm His teachings. Who is that someone? The Holy Spirit (Comforter, Paraclete, Advocate). It goes without saying then that our beliefs

are reflected and come through in our behavior.

God reveals Himself to those who love and obey Him. Jesus promises to love us even in a storm. When we obey Him we are more aware of His presence and can feel

that presence. We are more in tune with Jesus when we obey Him and live up to His standards. Why? We are indwelt with the Holy Spirit. Some call it the Spirit of

Truth. The Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Truth are two distinct persons but are inseparable when it comes to the roles that they fill. The greater good of the Holy Spirit

is to strengthen our beliefs to strengthen our faith.

As the incarnate Son, Jesus was both a Holy Deity and a human. Living by the Word and doing the Father’s will were at the core of His mission. By doing so He over-

came the three enemies of a Christian. Satan, the world and sin. All of this was accomplished at the climax of His mission, the Crucifixion. The victory was sealed with

His Resurrection. Our victory is not in the deliverance from these enemies but in the victory we attain by our acceptance of Jesus, God’s one and only Son, into our lives.

So when we do this, we have accepted someone who has already overcome those three enemies. This makes us victors and free to follow the Way or the path that He has

for us with the Truth, the words and teachings He has for us in His Word and the Life that He offers if we obey Him.

So, in conclusion, only those who can have peace with God can have the peace of God. No matter the seriousness of the storm or what the outcome may be He has

promised to be with us. “Have courage for the great sorrows of life and patience for the small ones and when you have laboriously accomplished your daily

task, go to sleep in peace. God is awake.” (Victor Hugo)

Hear O’Lord

Hear O Lord the sound of my call

Hear O Lord and have mercy

My soul is longing for the glory of you

O hear O Lord and answer me


Every night before I sleep

I pray my soul to take

Or else I pray that loneliness

Is gone when I awake.


Why do I no longer feel

Like I’ve a place to stay?

O take me where someone will care

So fear will go away.


In you Lord I place my cares

And all my troubles too

O grant, dear Lord, that some day soon

I’ll live in peace with you.

  • Bob DeBoo
  • John J DeBoo
  • Kathy Murphy Blackburn

A”Good Morning God” Prayer

Good Morning God!        You are ushering in another day,        untouched and freshly new.         So here I am to ask you, God,         if you will renew me too.       Forgive the many errors         that I made yesterday         and let me try again dear God,         to walk closer in Your way.         But Lord, I am well aware,         I can’t make it on my own.         So take my hand and hold it tight,         for I cannot walk alone.    Amen

Something of interest

This thought just recently crossed mind and I had never given it any thought before this time.  It has given me a greater uderstanding about the compassion that God has for us.

God created the universe.  He spoke everything into existence – the sun, moon, sea, sky, birds of the air, fish of the sea, land animals, night, day, days of the week, etc…  He created everything!  There is one exception.  Man.  He FORMED man.  He formed man out the dust of the earth.  This means that when it came time to create man, He took His time to form him and shape him into what He wanted him to look like and that look was His image.  He formed him in His image.  He took the time and the care to make all the little intricacies, like the blood, cells, atoms, DNA, RNA, arms, legs, brain, the miles of nerves, and on we go.  He even took the time to make a “free will” one of the things (probably the most important thing) that differentiates us from God.

Where we are at….

A need does not exist that God cannot meet.  He meets us where we are at and that is His starting point.  It is the point, if we allow Him, where He comes in and does a work in our lives – a work that we could not have ever imagined would take place in us. The question is ‘does he meet every need’?  Paul says in Phillipians 4:17 “And my God will meet your needs according to His glorious riches”.   He knows what we need and He may have other plans in mind for us.  He can meet everyone of our needs without draining His resources.

Prayer of Thanksgiving

Christ our God, King of ages,      I thank you for all the favors      You have granted me, and for having given me your Pure and life-giving mysteries.            I pray that you, O’ Jesus who loves mankind, would keep me under your protection and under the shadow of your wings;  Grant that, until my last breath,      I may receive your Holy Mysteries with a clear conscience for the remission of my sins for life everlasting and for all eternity.            For You are the Bread of Life, the Fountain of Holiness, our Living Creator, Father Almighty, the Provider of all Graces and we glorify you together with Your Father and your Holy Spirit, both now and forever.


(St. Basil the Great)