Something of interest

This thought just recently crossed mind and I had never given it any thought before this time.  It has given me a greater uderstanding about the compassion that God has for us.

God created the universe.  He spoke everything into existence – the sun, moon, sea, sky, birds of the air, fish of the sea, land animals, night, day, days of the week, etc…  He created everything!  There is one exception.  Man.  He FORMED man.  He formed man out the dust of the earth.  This means that when it came time to create man, He took His time to form him and shape him into what He wanted him to look like and that look was His image.  He formed him in His image.  He took the time and the care to make all the little intricacies, like the blood, cells, atoms, DNA, RNA, arms, legs, brain, the miles of nerves, and on we go.  He even took the time to make a “free will” one of the things (probably the most important thing) that differentiates us from God.

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