The Aftershock

Here is a scenario.  Is it possible that it happened this way?  I want to pre-empt this and say no matter how it came about, I think this is very plausible.  I think it is fun to speculate and imagine.

I would say that after Jesus had risen from the dead and took His place at the right hand of His Father, the Trinity got together and tried to figure out what they were going to do with those sinners that decided to turn from their evil ways.  Those who turned and accepted Jesus Christ and asked Him to take up residence in their heart. The Trinity came to the conclusion that those who did that would be justified and would start down the road to sanctification, a process that would take a lifetime and more. During this stage of the process, they would be trying to become more like Jesus Christ.  They would be transformed with new bodies to made presentable before God, the Father.  

Paul’s teaching of this doctrine turned the world upside down or downside up and created an aftermath just like the aftershock following a earthquake.  The doctrine has made it easier to answer the famous question “why me Lord?”  Answer – “Because I LOVE you my child”.




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