By Dr. Frank Crane

I am Yesterday.  I am gone from you forever.

I am the last of a long procession of days, streaming behind you, away from you, pouring into mist and obscurity, and at last into the ocean of oblivion.

Each of us has our burden, of triumph, of defeat, of laughter, of bitterness;  we bear our load from you into forgetfulness;  yet as we go we each leave something in your subconsciousness.

We fill your soul’s cellar.

I depart from you, yet I am ever with you.

Once I was called Tomorrow and was virgin pure; then I became your spouse and was named Today; now I am Yesterday and carry upon me the eternal stain of your embrace.

I am one of the leaves of a growing book.  There are many pages before me.  Some day you shall turn us all over and read us and know what you are.

I am pale, for I have no hope.  Only memories.  I am rich for I have wisdom.

I bore you a child and left him with you.  His name is Experience…..

YESTERDAY By Dr. Frank Crane




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