Shadows of Reality

When He burst on the scene, Jesus came proclaiming truth.  He comes to us today doing the very same thing and meeting us where we are at – PROCLAIMING TRUTH.  What does that mean?  What truth is He proclaiming?

Well, it means that He has something urgent tell us and that we should not put it off until we have time.  Time to hear what He has to say.  The funny thing about time for Jesus is that He has all eternity to tell us His news that is so urgent and cannot wait.  So what does He do?  He comes to us.  He loves us so much that He comes to us to let us know that He has something to tell us.

So what is this truth that Jesus is proclaiming?  Well, to tell you the truth, it is simple.  This truth that He is making known is that He is truth.  Consider this; at Jesus’ hearing, Pilate finds no guilt in Jesus.  He is standing there before Pilate.  Pilate, who fears being rejected by the Jews and being put at odds with authorities, gives in to the masses.  Pilate knew that Jesus was innocent but he had Jesus crucified anyway.  Why?  He had a weak self-image.  He took the truth that he knows and buried it deep within himself.  He has Truth standing right in front of him and He is about to sentence the Truth to death.  

The reasons for the crucifixion, of which there were four, were (1)to fulfill prophecy (2)it was Jewish tradition to stone a person to death but they thought the nature of the crimes serious enough to warrant a more disgraceful death (3)it was Roman rule to crucify those accused of treason or insurrection.  Then fourth, it was a truth to be made:  at this precise moment, the moment of His death for Jesus to proclaim His deity to the world.  The question ‘what is truth?’ is not just a question for Pontus Pilate.  It is a question for each and everyone of us.   We as Christians are to know, live and proclaim God’s truth.  Pilate explained tradition and gave the people a choice of who to release, Jesus or Barabbas,  they chose Barabbas.   He is a representation of us.  If they had chosen Jesus it would be a type of redemption for them.  Jesus represents eternal life.

John 3:19 explains it in a different manner.  “This is the verdict:  Light has come into the world but man loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.”  In this case Jesus is Light.  Just as truth uncovers a lie the presence of light snuffs out darkness.

The question arises, ‘do I truly understand WHO I AM in CHRIST’?  If we are all children of God and Jesus is Truth then it stands to reason that our core value is truth and out of that truth comes love.  Now we ask ourselves ‘do I drift or strive’ as a child of God.  In ‘drift’ I mean floating over and in ‘strive’ I mean to be like.  Do I drift toward the world and its offerings or do I strive to be like Jesus?  In either case both actions have one common denominator – fear.  As a Christian, I have to BATTLE my FEARS to LIVE in TRUTH.  A cold simple truth is that fear paralyzes.  I am sure you are familiar with the quip ‘the paralysis of analysis’.  Getting over our fears we see that every blessing God has promised will be fulfilled.

C S Lewis said “We live in the shadows of reality.”  We, as Pilate did, might one day say ‘If only I believed Jesus.’


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