What comes to mind when you think about the word ‘life’?

The resurrected life of Jesus is the gateway to a new life. Faith
in the fact and believing that Jesus rose from the dead is the core
of the Christian faith. When we are born we learn to live an ordinary
life. Then when we accept Jesus invitation “Come” we become students,
His students, and start to learn all about the Good News of Jesus, what
the Bible says about the Christian life and much, much more. Then when we find others who believe in Jesus Christ also, we become brothers.  So the continuum is ORDINARY – STUDENTS – BROTHERS.  This is what Jesus says about life:  “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life”(John 3:16).

So life hear on earth is linked with eternal life and the only way to get it is to work for it.  But what is that work?  To believe in Jesus Christ and that is all we have to do.  Everything else will naturally flow out of that work.  To believe in Jesus Christ!  At the tomb of Jesus, when the disciples ran to the tomb only to see it empty – John saw and believed.  God provides evidence for all steps of believing.

One of those steps is being washed by the blood of Jesus.  We need Jesus’ blood for our salvation.  Faith in the resurrection leads to a new life for all who choose to believe.  The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the key to Christianity and it is upon this event that the whole of Christianity rests.

Christ always came first to the poor in spirit.  There are many that think they have to clean up their act and sin so that Jesus can have a place to reside.  Take a look at the life of Jesus.  He did not have a pillow to lay His head on at night.  For that matter, He was born in a manger – dirty and odiferous with farm animals inside.  So if you think that your heart is to dirty for Jesus to see or live in, well He has seen and lived in worse.  Do not wait to take care of your sin before coming to JESUS.  See, you cannot take care of your sin.  ONLY God can do that and He already did.  He will meet you where you are at and take it from there.

Belief in Jesus’ bodily resurrection leads to a new relationship that nothing can stop or hinder.  Now because of that belief in the risen body Jesus Christ, He brings us peace.  Peace is what He gives us.  So this begs the question ‘what am I holding from the Lord’?  What do I think is so bad that I do not want Him to see?  That is a form of unbelief in the awesome power of Jesus.  He deals with our unbelief.  He gave the apostles a mission – the forgiveness of sin.  It is not an absolution but a task of obedience.  Doubt is not bad but it can hinder growth.  Stop doubting and BELIEVE.


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