What is key

Context is key

Q:  How does the Holy Spirit help God’s children

A:  He convicts them of their sin and helps them overcome.  Also, it is always good for us to memorize verses but we need to know and understand the context from which they come.  Context is everything.  The meaning of the verse is precise and true.  True confession must profess Christ.  In so being, we open ourselves up and make ourselves vulnerable to God and the movement of the Holy Spirit.  To trust in Jesus is to abide in Him.   This abiding in Him reflects Christ’s character.  No one just drifts to Christ’s likeness.   In fact, bearing fruit begins with progressively becoming like Jesus.

So how do I become more Christ like?  Start with making a prayer request.  Then focus on God and His word and what He is saying to you through it.  This world hates us because we love Jesus.  He prepares us for what to expect from the world and Satan who is the prince of this world.  We are his pawns and he uses us to do his work.   Abiding in God prepares us to bear witness for God.  Abiding in Christ ready’s us for Satan’s attacks and it does this with the Gospel and His Word.


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