No Matter the Situation

Jesus is in control.  He is in control no matter the situation!  When people are involved in a situation emotions are always present.  Happy, sad, anger, laughter, etc…  Jesus knows everything, even the North Star of all the stars in the sky.  This stirs a question.  Who is your North Star?  Who is in control?  If it is not Jesus then the decisions made are not inspired by Him.  Choices lead to outcomes and all choices have some type of effect.   Effects that have lasting outcomes.  There are two decisions whose eternal consequences are crucial and determine where one will live when they die.  The one is to deny Jesus Christ and His existence and this leads to eternal damnation.  God’s cup of wrath will be poured out on those who refuse to accept.  It is punishment that will be poured out on those who have turned on God and Jesus.

Nothing stops Jesus from doing His Fathers will or from loving His people.  Jesus was in control of the circumstances surrounding His crucifixion to accomplish His mission.  Satan was present at that historic event as well.  The devil is at work regardless of Jesus’ presence.   Look at Peter for he denied Christ 3 times.  The Lord redeemed Peter like He can redeem each one of us

The other is to acknowledge Him as the one and only Son of God and to allow Jesus to take control of your life.  This leads to eternal happiness with Jesus Christ in Heaven.  “For I gave them the words that you gave me and they accepted them.  They knew with certainty I came from you, and they believed you sent me”. (John 17:8)

“I Am” are words of power and might.  They depict majesty and identity.  The words “Every knee will bow before the Lion and the Lamb”.  These are also word of power because they describe what everyone will do when they go through heaven’s gates.  Yet there are those when faced with a dilemma the thought process is obey what I think is right to obey.  That process should be ‘I will obey who I know is right and do what I know is right.’  1Peter 3:14-15 tells us that we are called to take a stand and be prepared.  Be prepared to take a stand for Jesus.  “Credit belongs to the man who stands in the arena with the sweat of his brow present on his forehead and shirt.”

For it is in the end each person chooses to believe who Jesus is!  “We all have a plan before we get punched in the face.”(Mike Tyson)


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