There is Hope

Emotions make good companions and great bed fellows but they make terrible leaders.  A by-product of terrible leaders is shame.

Shame.  There is good and bad.  We have some hope though because Jesus took sin and shame to the cross!  Jesus death on the cross puts to shame the actions of those who plotted to murder Him.  Jesus was in control.  He was publically humiliated hanging on the cross.

Jesus became lowly so I could become royalty in the face of God.  Jesus did this so that we would be holy and inherit the kingdom of Heaven; so that we could be judged righteous by God.  So shame is the door that keeps us from encouraging and forgiving others.

Now, the question becomes – why do we hold on to shame or memory? Pride!  Jesus bore my sin and shame on the cross so that I could be stainless and free from the bondage of sin and shame.  The promises of God are based upon his word and not our feelings.  I hold the key that unlocks the door to my shame and that key is a decision.  A decision that refers to His triumph over sin and death.  In other words, Jesus died so that I may live.  He was a Vicarious(living thru others) Substitutionary(takes the place of) Atonement (the renewal or cleansing of).

Here is something to come to a decision on:  Am I going to live in the shame of my past or the reality of my position in Christ so that I can proclaim His kingdom?



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