Security. Have you ever really thought about it? Do you feel safe or secure in a world that does not know exactly what it wants? In society today, people will go for the most advanced home security system to protect family and loved ones. They think that to feel safe they need to make more money and with each dollar they make what they have is not enough. Then they say “I need just one more dollar” and it becomes an endless circle. Keeping up with the Jones’, materialism! Yet after all that work that people make a part of their schedule, that sense of security is still elusive. I would like to offer this thought – people do not know what they need so they settle for less (this is temporary)then Jesus’ best(eternal life).

Here is an absolute that is the eternal truth and is immutable – God provides for us and sustains us at all times in our lives. This is unchangeable and undeniable. God is our eternal security and our rock. Our opportunity to flourish depends directly on how much we feed on Jesus. This begs the question what is standing in the way, between God and me to keep me from flourishing?


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