Mile Markers

When a believer commits to following Christ, God will show himself to the believer.  These clues are mile markers on a journey.  The wedding at Cana was an early beginning to Jesus ministry.  Wine, which could be considered a household necessity in some places, is a symbol of joy and merriment.  The wedding was a big community event and a social activity.   Through His ministry Jesus was socially active and not a recluse.  People began to believe in Jesus and follow Him.  True faith in Jesus is to grow personally in Him and is active, not static.
Jesus will not tolerate sin in that which is righteously His.  When we commit to Him we become His.  While we are believers and in Jesus, our personal Lord and Savior, we may be knocked down but we will never be destroyed.  We best honor the Father when we honor His Son.  In the life of a believer, Jesus turns death into life, a valley into a teaching and sin into grace.

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