Uses for suffering

God uses suffering for His good.  That is nothing new to Christians for we know that God suffered in the person of Jesus Christ.  The Bible says this clearly in Romans 8:28 -“For we know that all things work for good for those who love God.”  The point here is – Christians will suffer at some point, for God and His glory.  So what should a Christians mindset be suffering?  If we equate suffering with a storm, you are either not in a storm; just entering a storm; in the middle of a storm or just coming out of a storm.  To have a proper view of the role of suffering in the life of a Christian, it can be used to test our faith, promote growth in grace, show God’s grace, bear witness to Christ in the suffering.  In the end all suffering should lead to God.  For God designed His children to be a cohesive unit, a spiritual family.
At times, the question is asked if we could provide enough to have us pronounced ‘guilty’ of being a Christian.  God provides enough evidence for us to believe in Him and that evidence is JESUS.  It is our responsibility as Christians to share our story with others, for example, with non-believers.  Jesus sought us out so we could become Christians – followers of Jesus.  For those who desire to be His followers, we need to be prepared to suffer.  So let me leave you with this truth; Encountering Jesus leads to a stronger faith or a harder heart.



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