Starting Point

Big things have small beginnings.  Lets look at two examples.  First, language:  as a group of people come and settle in a land they bring their own thoughts, ideas and manners of speaking.  As time moves forward, this little parcel of land becomes a nation as more people come to establish a life here.  At the same time the language get tweaked here and there, accents are put on different syllables and so forth. There is one national language but thru out the land you have different forms of the same language being spoken and these are what you would call dialects.  Small beginning,  big finish.  Now lets look a game, played by children and adults alike, known as “Secrets”.  Some one starts off by whispering something into a persons ear.   That person passes it on to the next person just as they heard it.  Along the way, as that secret get told from one person to the next it gets tweaked along the way.  So what you hear at the end may not be what you started out  with.
What does this mean?    It’s all about change.  There is one caveat and that is- with change comes fear.  Change is inevitable and it happens all the time.  Change is a way of life so what about it.  Well, let me ask this question, ‘why do people fear new beginnings’  Often we wait for the conditions to be perfect before we try something new.  In Mt. 25 Jesus talks about identity; about the lilies of the field and the clothes you wear and Solomon in all his regalia and says not to worry about these things. Why?  God gives us our identity and we determine our destiny.  How does God think of us?  He thinks of as His children.
Another reason people fear  new beginnings is that they want to be comfortable with the new surroundings.  All things being comfortable and convenient are obstacles to us.  Often, people will believe that their motives or  reasons need to be perfect.  Then people become paralyzed by indecision.  Another way to put that is “paralysis by analysis”.  All of this is about fitting in.  If fitting in with the right crowd is more important then the identity that God has for us, then Christ died for nothing.
We cannot waste our time looking for this and waiting for that because there is to much at stake to remain on the sidelines.  Sometimes the simplest answers are the best better yet they can be right in front of us.  The trick is not minding that it hurts.  All to often, while waiting for opportunities to present themselves, we may pass by those who need us most.

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