A cows cud(what did you have for breakfast?)

via Daily Prompt: Ruminate

Hear an interesting thought or statement that you are wrestling with, grappling with, trying to get your hands around or grasp its meaning and cannot ‘just do it’.  Trying to digest this and it is just not happening.  Well, what do you do?  Well, here’s some food for thought.  You do not have to win this fight in one 24 hour period.  Let it take its time and not your life.  So here it is, the answer you have been looking for!  Ruminate on it!
This is what you do.  Take that thought, statement or what ever it is and write it down on a piece of paper.  This makes it concrete and gives it boundaries – the six sides of a piece of paper (front side, back side, left side, right side,  top side, bottom side, etc….) – you get the picture.  Whatever was written down is not going to go anywhere unless it is erased or the paper is burned.  If that paper is burned then that thought did go somewhere.  It went up in flames!  Not to fear because you still have that thought.  It’s in your head where you are still trying to squeeze some meaning out of it.  Well, now hold that thought a minute and lets see how to make some sense out of it.
Leave that piece of paper on the table or wherever you have it and walk away from it.  For an hour, a day, a week, a month, and it goes on.  After what ever time has elapsed, come back to it and read it.  See if it makes any sense to you.  Maybe a light goes on and you say “I got it now”.  If nothing changes then here is what you do.  Go get a glass of water and take a drink.  Now, go back to the piece of paper and rip it up into tiny pieces.
Before we go any further let me explain.  When a cow goes to eat its food it could be a long and involved process.  It likes to get all the nutrition it can out of its food.  The cow takes in the food and chews it up, just as any other cow would chew up its food.  The cow swallows it  and then after a bit it regurgitates its food and at this point it is called cud.  Then the cow noses it cud, dances around it or whatever it does and he eats it.  Thus the phrase “chew your cud”.  This process continues a few more times – eat, chew, swallow, digest, regurgitate…..eat, chew, swallow, digest, regurgitate and so on.  This is what ‘ruminate’ refers to.
So, anyway – back to the pieces of paper.  Where were we, oh yes! So,  take a drink of water and then take those pieces of paper  and get them wet and put them in your….
Ruminate on it!

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