“Stay thirsty my friend”

I am sure we all remember the interaction that took place at the well, between Jesus and the Samaritan woman.  It was quite a conversation and an eye opening one for the woman.  Jesus took her to class as He taught her about the different kinds of water – that which came from the well and the ‘living water’ which only He could offer.  Jesus expressed sympathy for her as he told her about somethings going on in her life – not married, the men who were apart of her life etc…  He showed that He was curious as He asked her questions about her lifestyle and provided answers to her question.  She left herself and her sin there at the feet of Jesus and went and told her friends about who she met and who she thought He was.  Here’s the question – what do I need to leave at the foot of the?  The heart of every sinner, which is everyone, has or yearns for the “God induced” thirst to be quenched by the living water that Jesus has to offer.  Some of us let that need be filled by God and others fill it themselves.
So once the challenge of accepting the free gift of grace that is extended to us by God, the lifestyle we have lived will change an it goes from “Me” centered” to “God” centered.  Christ will meet you where you are at.  Now the question to be asked is ‘who are the enemies in my life’?   It is said that there are three enemies for the believer to be on guard for.  They are Satan, the world and pride.   I think indecision should be added to that list.  These are the same for the non-believer but they are busy making a name for themselves instead of accepting the name that has already been made for them.  The name the world gives is temporal and the name God gives is eternal.
How do we fight those enemies?  It is spiritual warfare out there so how do we prepare and protect ourselves.  We prepare for conquering our enemies with prayer and we protect ourselves by putting on the armor of God.  That is the helmet of salvation, the breastplate of righteousness, the belt of truth, the sword of faith and shoes of the Gospel.  I suggest that we get some rest in between battles because this type of battle is very draining.  “Thou hast made us for thyself for we desire to rest in thee.”(St. Augustine).  Stay fresh and hydrated.  There is nothing that can satisfy your thirst , other than Christ. Then when something gets in the way of the relationship with God keep this in mind, repentance is the evidence of trust and faith in Jesus and a source of great joy. 
Again, ‘stay thirsty my friend’.

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