God’s Word – God’s Truth

Do you want the truth – we are God’s people.  We are loved to much to be allowed to let sin and its consequences shackle us which leads to death.  Thus, it was the mission of Jesus Christ when He was born, to free us from this scenario by His death on a cross.  That is not new to those who believe in God as the creator of all of creation or to those who accept Him, to come and take up residence in their hearts.
The role of God’s people is to proclaim His word and His coming back to collect His own.  God’s people are charged to digest and deliver His truth.  This begs the question what is keeping me, what is keeping us from  proclaiming God’s Word?  He assigns each believer to proclaim His truth.  God’s Word and God’s story come from God.  As we grow in knowledge and in awe of God, we speak more of God’s word and less of ours, so that when we speak, our words have God’s power and wisdom behind them.
God is love.  This is His nature.   He can be nothing else.  God loves His people and exposes us to His truth.  Love is not love if truth is withheld.  That being said, The End will be hard for Him.  The end of life as we know it.  Here is an absolute:  God will conclude human history His way.  Everything from Genesis to Revelation will be fulfilled when the end comes.  This is a certainty:  God’s timing is perfect.   When the end comes, the earth will be purged of sin and it will be destroyed.  Then the creation of a new heaven and a new earth.  God will triumph once more over Satan, a second time, and he will be locked away for 1,000 years.  God’s people are called to celebrate His triumph.

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