Washing the feet!

What is the most humbling thing that you ever did?
The power in that question is awesome because ‘across the board’  it is different for everyone.  There are some faiths and religions that find truth and meaning in humble acts.  What about God?  What was the most humbling act that made Him who He is today?  I think Paul would agree with me when I say ‘denying Himself and His divine nature then taking on the form of a man’.  During His life here on earth it was something else.  It was during the last week of His life, that Thursday night, at the close of the Last Supper – He washed the disciples feet.
Washing someone’s feet is the most humble act a person could perform because of what it involves.  That is denying one’s self, emotions, feelings, what one thinks of the recipient, etc….  If this is done with unconditional love the effect on one’s life could be astounding.  There are some religions and faiths that use this last act – before His death – of Jesus as part of the Easter celebration.
Humility begins with identity in Christ; pride is rooted in the wrong identity.  An earthly identity will end, it is temporal.  An identity rooted in Christ will never die since He rose from the dead.  This identity is eternal.  An identity rooted in Christ gives us a new perspective of who we are.  Humility begins with recognizing my identity in Christ.
Now, back to Jesus and the Last Supper where He took on the being of a servant and washed His disciples feet.  He said “Those who bathe are cleaned.  All they need is their feet washed”.  This statement speaks of the cleansing powers of water and baptism by immersion.  Being baptized into the newness of life and God’s love and the forgiveness of sins.  This is part of the act of justification .   Santification, on the other hand, is a life long process by which I participate in my identity in Christ.  It is a process by which there is a progressive growth toward the image of God thereby being set apart for God becoming more fully obedient to God through the work of the Holy Spirit.
Blessing comes from humbly serving.  This has a double meaning here as implied by Jesus, pointing to life in Christ and serving others.  His suffering would have caused many of us to break down in sorrow.  Identity in Christ gets us through devastating relationships.  Imagine, what if Judas had repented for his betrayal of Christ.  If you take the two beams of the cross and label them both life you have the horizontal beam which is temporal life,  representative of our sojourn here on earth.  The vertical beam being the transcendent life, our life in Christ.  God does not call us to lay like a rug and be walked on but rather to walk with His identity given to us.  When we are humble our hearts will be broken by God.  Humbly serving humbly restores joy in God and others








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