We have a choice 

The characters that were around when Jesus walked the earth were many but probably the most important of the supporting cast were the PHARISEES.  They see themselves as free when they are actually shackled to sin and the devil.  They see themselves as leaders that lead and direct the way to Christ when they themselves do not see the Messiah amongst us.
Sin is to be confronted for correction to save us rather then be condemned.  How do I confront my sin and the sin of others in my life?  Once, upon receiving the grace of God into my heart the grip and hold of sin are overcome by the effects of that grace and love to the point that I just want to go out and shout from the top of my lungs and from the mountain tops.  They should just want to come out.
Now, those who reject God and his son Jesus in this life have no hope after death.  The life that came to this world in the person of Jesus is the inauguration of God’s plan of redemption.  Our sins are not written in the sand but in the Book of Life.  It is in Jesus that the truth shall set you free from the shackles of sin and its death.  Adam and Eve came into the world without sin but by free will chose to do so.  We have the opportunity and ability to choose Jesus and follow Him.  There is a difference between a ‘professing’ and a ‘possessing’ believer.
One final thought.  Freedom in Christ gives us the ability to live in Christ. Jesus was not born of sexual immorality.  Jesus is not merely a man.  Jesus is the God/man.

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