A mentor

If a mentee is teachable and is willing to listen to the wisdom of another, then a great mentor has the opportunity to make an impact and effect a change in his disciple.  A mentor is not an accountability partner but rather a backstop (for lack of a better analogy).  He can bounce things off the one who has taken him under his wing.   A great mentor exercises discernment and does not provide answers or solutions to the mentee’s -or disciple- but rather answers him with a question.  If given time, the mentee will find the answer to his own questions.  What a mentor does is offer suggestions so that the disciple can think over or mull over or ponder what he has heard from his teacher.  The disciple takes this information and puts it in a form of data that can be handled and broken down then pick and choose what fits or works best with his circumstances.  The mentee is receptive to the truth and in the same vane, the mentor is receptive to the truth.  It is a learning experience for both parties involved in this intimate yet invasive relationship.
At the same time when the mentor make a mistake or gets it wrong, he must acknowledge that a mistake has been made and learn from it as well as learn from the mistakes of others.  He genuinely cares about the other.  He puts priorities and values above comfort.  In doing so, he seeks whom/what God loves above what he is willing to tolerate in the name of love.  He actively and openly grows in following God personally.
So, not only is a mentee teachable but is committed to the process.  He seeks to do the right things and genuinely cares.  He acts in faith.  The mentor is a teacher taking on a pupil. They labor together as they go on this journey of Christianity and delve into this process of becoming.  Becoming a child of God.

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