Ordinary People

John, author of 4 books of the Bible, was one the of the 12 ordinary men to be called by Jesus (Messiah – annointed one)His words “Come, follow Me” were strong enough for John’s interest to be peaked and to be willing to drop everything and leave his family and work behind.  Jesus’ jingle, “Come, follow me and I will make you fishers of men”, caught the curiosity  of these men.

These 12 ordinary men.  As in the lives of many people thru out biblical history,  God will take a nobody, make them a somebody, so they can bless everybody.  He would also do the opposite as we have seen in the Bible in Esther, Daniel, Acts to name a few. The most recognized scenario that this happened was Pentecost.   Jesus took the men, taught them for 3 years and sent them out into the community.  God calls ordinary people to do extraordinary things.  It was upon these men that the church was built as they evangelized through out the region and country.  These men were more then ordinary.  They were charismatic.  Look at a historical event which happened inside a historical event.  9/11.  Flight 93.  The passengers were called to go above and beyond ordinary and to hamper the goal of the skyjackers to crash the plane into the white house.

John’s gospel account is addressed to the world – there are no parables  in this gospel – and it is a gospel of action, the theme of which is the Deity of God.  Jesus is God.  Jesus is the reason why everything ‘is’.  In this account by John there are no miracles.  Instead they are called signs.  There are 7 signs, 7 discourses and 7 “I am” statements.  The Living God transcends time.  Studying the Word of God is not an academic exercise.  God gives us His Word so that we may believe and follow Him.   WE ARE SINNERS-WE ARE BROKEN-LETS BE REAL.



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