Improving your game

The grade school long distance runner, high school basketball player, college football player, professional baseball player, and the list goes on…..  What do they all have in common?  They are all athletes who train with intensity for the big day with a will to win.  Their coaches push them and change their diets so they have bodies that operate more efficiently.  These athletes also have a sense of health and wellness as they look for ways to improve their game and performance.

Enter sports massage.  The sports massage industry has grown over the past decade but it has only scratched the surface.  Body/Image Massage Therapy – “Where self-image and success go hand-in-hand”.  Self-image and performance piggy back each other, you cannot have one without the other.  How an athlete sees’ themselves is how they will perform.  How they perform will determine how they see themselves.

Then it may not be an image issue.  It could be the anterior deltoid is not allowing them to extend and elevate the way the muscle is designed to do so when it is called upon for its ROM.  The axiom is “practice makes perfect” but that is wrong.  The saying should be changed to “practice makes permanent.”  If you were taught to do the skill wrong or in a manner that is inefficient then the athlete will always perform the skill wrong.  This is where we as sports massage therapists come in.


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