Needs met

How do we know that God has been at work in our life?  Well, that is a good question!  So lets take a quick look back at how we got to this point.

We all have needs of all kinds.  As I look at my needs of the past, I can see that most of them have been material. Now, I am not a betting man but  I will bet that as you look at yours you would have to say the same thing.  To us, material needs are very important to our way of life and it is because of “the fall of man” that we have them.  While our material needs are met by God, He lets us know they are not everything.  He lets us know that our spiritual needs are more important to be met.  Think about this – “He has already taken care of the BIG stuff so why sweat the small stuff”.   In hindsight I saw that God was there thru it all – the seizures, car accidents, grades that I got in school, etc…  Yes, He had a hand in my life – as my dad would always tell me.  Even now, God still does!

God tests us as His children to develop what you might call “CHRIST DEPENDENCE”.  If we give to him our talents, time, and treasures  we begin to see that our needs become less about ‘me’ and more about what we can do to advance His kingdom.

Then there is the great deceiver, Satan.  He will tempt us beyond his hearts content.  Temptation will always test my dependence on God.  Here is the good thing.  We already know that they come from Satan but they can be overcome.  It is testing and trials that come from God.  Remember?  He knows our needs but He will never give us anything more than we can handle.  These test and trials are to develop that “Christ Dependence”.  Temptations desire is to cause me to deal with and give in to my temptation, in a moment that is detrimental to my personal well-being and primarily my relationship with God.

Dealing with these temptations, this testing and the trials(the 3T’s) make you feel like your  being put through a wringer.  It’s like your the one in the middle of a game between the two rulers of their eternal kingdoms.  Your in the middle of a game called ‘Tug of War’ with God on the right and Satan on the left in a battle of tugging for your soul.  After going through this process of formation, you know that you have come full circle when you make a decision that you know you could not have made.  Rather, it comes from God.  Just because you have a peace about the decision does not mean that you have passed the test.  The process is from us – the outcome is from God!

All of this, begets the question “why does Jesus test our dependence on Him”?  Jesus desires my complete dependence on Him.


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