A daily discipline

Reading God’s Word must become a daily discipline because we need a solid grasp of the way God intends us to live if we are going to live for Him and do His Kingdom work. Regular feeding on God’s Word satisfies the hunger of our souls and keeps us from emotional depletion and spiritual starvation.  It also keeps us in the center of God’s will.   So here are fifteen reasons to read the Bible daily:

  1.  To be rid of anxiety and have peace (Ps. 119:  165)
  2.  To set things right when life is out of control (Ps. 19:  17-18)       
  3.  To have direction and know God’s will (Ps. 119: 105)
  4.  To experience healing and deliverance (Ps. 107:  20)
  5.  To grow in the Lord (1Peter 2:  2)
  6.  To have strength, comfort, and hope (Ps. 119:  28, 50, 114)
  7.  To shape yourself and your life correctly (Ps. 119:  11)
  8.  To be able to see clearly (Ps. 119:  130)
  9.  To know what’s really in your heart (Heb. 4:  12)
  10.  To build faith (Rom. 10:  17)
  11.  To have joy (Ps. 16:  11)
  12.  To understand God’s power (John 1:  3)
  13.  To have more life in this life (Ps. 119:  50)
  14.  To  distinguish good from evil (Ps. 119:  101-2)
  15.  To understand God’s love for you (John 1:  14).

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