“A take-away”

Before I begin here, I would just like to prempt what I have to say.

The end times, the beginning of the end, the end of ages. What do they mean? They are all enigmatic in every sense of the word.  One could say they are a conundrum and that they are.

B S F ended tonight for the year and will start up later this year.  We studied the Book of Revelation and it was an awesome study.  The lessons through some light on those phrases I mentioned above as well as the meaning of the prophecy.

One of the many things I will take away from the study of this revelation by John is this; even though God hates sin and wants too not only eradicate it from the face of the earth but to destroy anything that was exposed to sins grasp – thus the new heaven and the new earth.  In otherword, He wants to conquer this monster otherwise called Satan.

The point is – amidst this display of God’s wrath, He still love me.  He still loves us.  He will even go so far as to weed out the evil from the good during this time of destruction and wailing of the unbelievers.

This study only solidified and fortified my stance and here it is:  “Everything that God does is for the glorification and manifestation of His name here on earth through our lives as ambassadors for Christ.”  In my mind, a stance is a physical manifestation of an internal decision.

So my question is, “what internal decision have you made” in regards to your theory about Jesus and the Book of Revelation.  Was Jesus just a teacher and a prophet? Is Revelation just a nice story about the future that is picturesque and full of color or is it the inherent word of God?

The decision is yours and it is one only you can make!





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