Christian World View

How do we live in a culture that is increasingly hostile toward Christains and the Christain world view?

Worldly values are those things that are most important to people who perceive that there is no power or purpose beyond themselves. These values include – but are not limited to – things like power, pleasure, wealth, fame, revenge, status, vanity to name a few. Exodus 20:1-6 talks about Hebrew worship of idols and such other forms of paganism. The problem with their rescipe for success is it promotes a lifestyle that is counter-intuitive to the teachings of Jesus and the Bible. These values of the world instigate jealousies, resentments and conflicts that spring up among people who live in accordance with the purposes of Satan.

Living in a society like this we need to show those things that Jesus taught; respect for others, being humble or showing humility, love, compassion, etc. In the OT we have the rules for Christian living -The Ten Commandments. In the NT, we have the rules for Christian behavior – The Beattitudes Matthew 5 – 6. Jesus says that when we are persecuted He will be there to support us so that we may have the fortitude to take a stand against those worldly values. What was once held sacred is cast down and what was once cast down and thought of as disgusting is now law of the land and held sacred. As the values of Christian living and society go and get replaced with living in a manner that is absolutely against biblical values focus on Gods’ directive then so goes the morals that we hold dear as a capstone upon which our belief system is based.

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